LiveArtX Global 100

The LiveArtX Global 100 is an NFT exhibition for artists working in digital media. Artists are invited to participate in the program and submit art exploring the HackARThon theme. Artworks, whether in photography, graphic arts, animation, illustration, gaming, programming or video, will be minted on Binance NFT Marketplace and featured in a curated exhibition in the LiveArtX metaverse gallery.

Participating Artists

Ayam Yaldo headshot

Ayam Yaldo

Chris Golden headshot

Chris Golden

Libbi Kantor headshot

Libbi Kantor

Bob Bicknell-Knight headshot

Bob Bicknell-Knight

LoveBeing headshot


Gabriella Anouk headshot

Gabriella Anouk

Colton Hash headshot

Colton Hash

Paul Kneale headshot

Paul Kneale

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A team of jurors, composed of established curators, artists and art critics, will select artworks submitted.

LiveArtX Global 100 Calendar

July 12, 2022 GMT 10.00am

Artists Registration & Golden Pass Airdrop Begins
July 26, 2022 GMT 10.00am

Artists Registration Closes & HackARThon Theme Announces
August 9, 2022 GMT 10.00am

Deadline for Artwork Submission
August 12, 2022 GMT 10.00am

Jury Review & Golden Pass Holders Vote Begins
August 19, 2022 GMT 10.00am

Jury Review & Golden Pass Holders Vote Closes
August 23, 2022 GMT 10.00am

Announcement of Winning Artists

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LiveArtX Global 100 Rules + FAQs

LiveArtX launches LiveArtX Global 100, a selling NFT exhibition for artists working in digital media. Selected artists have been invited to participate in the exhibition which will be held on Binance NFT Marketplace and featured in a curated exhibition in the LiveArtX metaverse gallery. In addition, LiveArtX announces an open call for emerging artists and art collectives to submit works for review to be included in the LiveArtX Global 100.

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